(Day 3–9) Hanging in Point Reyes Station

alex hays
3 min readAug 19, 2017

I get into Point Reyes Station, get an amazing as hell breakfast, go to a Post office to mail about 8 pounds of stuff I don’t need to Brad, it was crazy how friendly and helpful and chatty everyone was. Was probably the first time i’ve been in a post office that just a bunch of miserable impatient people queuing up to a bunch of stressed out workers who look tired and under appreciated. Dude that worked there helped me ship it for cheapest and went and found a spare box they had i could use so i wouldn’t have to hunt one down, and intermittently helped other people and chatted to them about life and what’s been happening while i was trying to figure out what to shove in there.

I left to find a coffee shop which unfortunately had no plugs (it was more like a hole in the wall kind of place) but it had wifi. I open my laptop and use flattestroute.com and google maps to figure out where I should head to next. I also looked at some heat maps to see where was going to be cool as the day before had been a scorcher and it really impacted how long I could ride for (although I think it was probably more that damn hill than anything). I get sick of chilling at that spot and my battery is getting low, so I go to the library which was closed but opened at 2pm so I instead bike around the town for a while and check out how lovely everything was.

This bar was apparently really cool but i didn’t get a chance to go

I stop and get coffee at this other place (some creamery) and a bunch of older ladies that were on a road trip sat at my table. I was still researching routes, but chatted to them for a bit and they offered me some food that I couldn’t eat because I’d just eaten a huge breakfast at this place. They also seemed as aimless as i was, talking about where they should head to next.

I head to the library and charge all my stuff, do more route planning, and feel like ‘yeah i got this’ and so head back to the campsite. I got super drunk the night before at a local bar so I was super ready to sleep by 9pm-ish. Someone rolled up who was sleeping out of their car and said hey (he was traveling with his dog) and I was like dang maybe I could interview this dude because he seemed really interesting. I was packing up, but said lets hang in a bit and I can start a fire. Someone who was actually in that spot rolled up so he had to leave and find somewhere else, I was thinking of walking around to find him but was tired as hell and the camp site was sort of big so decided to crash out instead.

Was laying down drifting off and some family rolled in at like 10pm and started blasting kpop and drinking and laughing and generally having a good time. I couldn’t sleep and put in headphones with dreamy vibes playlist, but their laughter was distracting me from sleeping (I have trouble sleeping even in the best situations). They started to quiet down by 2am-ish and I drifted off.