(Day 9–9) End of the loop

alex hays
4 min readAug 19, 2017


Rough map of route taken

I woke up and biked down to Sausalito to grab a mimosa and breakfast. Luckily leave there and get to the ferry right when it’s about to leave. I grab a beer and ride it over, and when I’m getting my bike to leave I get talking to a guy from England who’s done a few tours and was getting more into it. I said yeah you don’t have to worry about bears and mountain lions and crap over there (in a joking but also serious way), and that I was actually headed to England soon.

He was in SF with this family and he talked about how he was gearing up for him and his kids to tour through a bunch of England and Scotland, he was super awesome to chat with. They’d been on mini tour’s before, idk, this dude was such a badass guy idk how to express that properly. Was such a good chat to have happen right when i’m getting back from this trip.

Got off the ship and and look at the water and see this guy wander up to do the same thing with this sign.

Another guy comes up asking me for a light and I say sure and smoke a little with him. Can’t be in SF for more than 10 mins without someone offering you weed apparently. Got a bit too blasted and regretted doing that..

I bike back to the place I’d set off from to get my security deposit, stopping at zeitgeist for a beer as it was on the way. Full on in beer mode at this point. I take care of apartment stuff (do a walk through / ft paperwork — again shoutout to Paul for not being laid back about me doing everything last minute and then taking off before properly wrapping stuff up) and head over to a friends to drink a beer and hang.

I lean my bike against some guys garage while waiting and he comes out of his front door and said he’d have shot me if he was inside there when I did that and i’m like ah I missed you SF. Hang for a while and go meet up with some more people again at zeitgeist, Cody is moving to Austin the following day so have a bit of a send off party. I was super drunk by this point in the day so my memory is spotty.

Went on a walk around the city with beers with Godefroy and Brad for a while and had a really nice evening. Last time I’m going to see this place for a super long time.

Crash on hubb’s couch and decide I’m going to take my bike to England with me, and I go get it boxed up the next day before I fly out. Tried to drag the bike box to the Bart so I can get to the airport but it was taking forever and I was fucking up the box so, I ended up calling a lyft that the box luckily fit in. And fly away to the good ol’ UK.

I kept this bday card in my passport Godefroy wrote me a couple years back. Needed something to keep me going through all this if shit got shitty (luckily everything was pretty great). Gonna miss the hell out of all my SF lovelies ❤.