I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this. I recall dishing out uninformed advice to people who were kind enough to share their traumas with me.

In conversation I’d eventually say something like “taking brain pills is bad, they stifle your sense of self and creativity”…

Rough map of route taken

I woke up and biked down to Sausalito to grab a mimosa and breakfast. Luckily leave there and get to the ferry right when it’s about to leave. I grab a beer and ride it over, and when I’m getting my bike to leave I get talking to a guy…

I woke up and packed my stuff, again had trouble falling asleep, not sure whats going on. Maybe I’m not eating enough at night and my body is feeling bleh. Listened to sleepy vibes playlists again.

Got up and was planning on going to that coffee shop but there is…

alex hays

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