I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this. I recall dishing out uninformed advice to people who were kind enough to share their traumas with me.

In conversation I’d eventually say something like “taking brain pills is bad, they stifle your sense of self and creativity” or some cliche nonsense. I’m writing this because I frequently see people online with similar sentiments — who say the exact same stuff I said.

“Meditate! It really helps me with my anxiety!”

“Go for a lil jog every now and then!”

I did not realize that what I was…

I’m currently working on a fun personal project that needs lots of websocket logic, but isn’t large enough to warrant adding Redux + Sagas (or Thunks). I decided on this implementation using React’s Context API and Socket.io.

(note: To use hooks, you’ll need to update package.json to use react@16.8.0 or later.)

We first need to create two Socket Context files, which I decided to place in the components folder:

--- context.js - creates and exports the Context
--- index.js - creates the Provider that will wrap the app.


import React, { createContext } from "react"; const SocketContext =…

I woke up in Neustadt (north east Germany) to the strangest weather. There would be ferocious winds and rain for about 30 mins and then cut to 30 mins of extremely sunny, calm weather. This happened over and over again to the point of it being predictable.

It was lovely place the day before in the sun.

I’m going to write about a bunch of short blog posts about little moments that happened on this trip as there was too much.

  1. Biking through some storm in Germany
  2. ???
  3. ???

Rough map of route taken

I woke up and biked down to Sausalito to grab a mimosa and breakfast. Luckily leave there and get to the ferry right when it’s about to leave. I grab a beer and ride it over, and when I’m getting my bike to leave I get talking to a guy from England who’s done a few tours and was getting more into it. I said yeah you don’t have to worry about bears and mountain lions and crap over there (in a joking but also serious way), and that I was actually headed to England soon.

He was in SF…

Today is another stupidly relaxing ride and get there with a good amount of sunlight left. I see a sign for ‘hiking / biking $7’ and a group campsite I assume is the place, so drop off all my stuff and bike close-ish (like 3 or 4 miles) to a food place to relax at for a bit.

Woke up and lay there for a while thinking “this tent is probably pretty sketch in daylight”. I’d locked my bike to the tent in a really “you could easily steal this if you have scissors” sort of way. ran to a coffee shop the guy had said had amazing pastries and grabbed a coffee and a croissant.

So i’m super duper glad I sat down at that buffet and ate a bunch in the morning because I ended up on a hiking / biking trail that didn’t. stop. being. uphill.

I saw a small road on a map I had and decided to go down it as it went pretty far east and went into some towns, but after a bit it stopped being a road.

I woke up and packed my stuff, again had trouble falling asleep, not sure whats going on. Maybe I’m not eating enough at night and my body is feeling bleh. Listened to sleepy vibes playlists again.

Got up and was planning on going to that coffee shop but there is this Russian House #1 restaurant on the way there. I dip my head in and see it’s a buffet and i’m like ah naw and this Russian lady that works there says it’s donation based and i can pay and eat how much I want and says “look at the…

Since the first day kicked my ass so much I decided to plan a harder route this day to make sure I wasn’t psyched out at all. Half didn’t expect to arrive at my destination because of the hills and my lack of physical ability (biked up the coast on the 1).

Got up and packed my stuff, talked to some of the folks around me asking where I was coming from and going and all that, but was too sleepy to properly engage them in convo and felt bad about that later. …

alex hays

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